Professional B2B Lead Generation

Appointment setting

We understand that getting a face-to-face meeting in the diary creates the opportunity for a new long-term business relationship.
We ensure your diary is full of new opportunities and when calling a customer on your behalf, our objectives are as follows:

  • To have an intelligent conversation, identifying client requirements
  • Create an interest for them to meet with you
  • Set a fixed date and time for the meeting, confirmed via email or an Outlook invitation
  • Once confirmed, we can also re-confirm the meeting 2-3 days beforehand

This saves you both time and money, ensuring your prospective client has a genuine interest in your product and/or service. We can also support clients based overseas looking to break and expand into the UK market. If you have a set number of days per month when you visit the UK, we can ensure your diary is full of new opportunities on these days.

Telephone Meetings and Webinars

You may wish to target potential clients nationwide, but do not have the logistics to physically meet with people across the UK. Advances in technology and improvements in internet connections means that video calls are becoming a regular feature of business meetings and conference calls, saving people valuable time travelling.

We can set up a fixed date and time for you to telephone or video call to a prospective client, giving you time to discuss how your products and/or services can be of assistance to them. This can also be a great method to introduce your product or service if you are based outside of the UK.

Creating Opportunities

You may not have a requirement to meet or even speak with a prospective client prior to looking at the drawings of a live opportunity. We can focus our time on speaking to Decision Makers, who are responsible for specifying your product or service, thereby creating an opportunity for you to quote prior to ever meeting.

We become an extension of your team when making sales calls. We are often set up with an email address from our client’s domain, allowing us to communicate with prospective clients directly via email on your behalf.

By having a good understanding of your requirements, we can discuss your capabilities directly with a prospect. This can result in us being sent a project to look at, which we then forward on to you, to decide if it is something you wish to pursue. If it is, we can then set up a time for you to speak with the prospect, or if it is not, then we can return the opportunity to the prospect explaining it is not suitable for us at this time. This is very useful when there is not the time to visit several prospects. It gives us the ability to create new opportunities for you to review before investing too much time.

Getting on a Preferred Suppliers List (PSL)

There are a number of organisations who will never let you supply to them until you have completed a PQQ (Pre Qualification Questionnaire), resulting in you becoming an approved supplier and being added to their PSL.

If this is a market you wish to target, we do all the legwork, which consists of the following:

  • We can contact organisations to request their PQQ
  • We then forward their PQQ for you to review, complete and return
  • Following your completion of the PQQ, we call and inform everyone of your current status

Alternatively, if you are currently on a PSL, we can work through each of the contacts within the organisation, ensuring each one is familiar with your organisation and including you on all relevant future projects.

Following up

You may not win a contract with a client from your first meeting, but the most important thing is that you have connected with them. This is why the follow up from a meeting is so important. Whether it’s to simply send an email thanking them for their time, or to send through flyers, drawings or pricing, the dialogue needs to remain open.

At Crannull, we work closely with all our clients to try and assist them with closing the deal. We can assist by simply making follow up calls after the initial opportunity, ensuring all queries have been answered and that you remain fresh in their minds when they are making their decision on their new supplier.

Email Campaigns

If you have a mass audience and one of your core objectives is to reach them at the right time, using an Email Campaign can be one of the most effective routes to market.

Our bespoke CRM system, used to manage all of our data, is also used to send out our email campaigns. This allows us to monitor the campaign, and those opening the emails can be added to the top of the list when we commence our follow up calls. Usually, those people who open and click through an email have a more urgent requirement for your service than those that simply receive it then delete it.

We can also manage the inbound enquiries following the email campaign by creating a specific email account and incoming phone number, which is answered by our office as your organisation.